I Am Forugh

Original title: Man Forough Hastam

2022, 80 min

* Jahangir Kosari will attend the screening

"Forough Farrokhzad, one of Iran’s greatest modern poets, provoked uproar by daring to write of female sensuality in the face of society’s traditional values. Her awakening found expression in poetry, theatre and cinema, enabling art, as she saw it, to be a ‘window through which we see ourselves sing, shout and cry’."

This docudrama is a reading of Forough Farokhzad’s intellectual life to maturity. Farokhzad is the most renowned female poet of Iran and one of the most celebrated intellectuals of the country in the 20th century. Baran Kosari stars as Forough in this docudrama to reimagine a woman’s courage in reciting feminine desires in her poetry and rehearsing freedom in public and private life at the expense of losing her child and her comfortable married life.

Directed by: Jahangir Kosari
Producer: Jahangir Kosari

Baran Kosari, Setareh Pesyani, BabaK Karimi, Fatemeh Naghavi, Naser Khodayar, Parviz shapour, Toussi Haeri


Director: Jahangir Kosari

Screenplay: Jahangir Kosari

Director of Photography Camera: Mahmoud Kalari
Editing: Kouhyar Kalari

Original Music: Sepideh Abdolvahab
Sound Designer: Martin Czerly
Sound Recordist: Parviz Abnar
Set Designer: Amirhossein Davani
Costume Designer: Maral Jeyrani
Make-Up Artist: Mahmoud Dehghani
Still Photographer : Baran Jafari
Executive Producer: Neshat Pourfarahani
Producer: Jahangir Kosari

Production Company: Baranak Film


Jahangir Kosari was born in Tehran in 1950 and obtained a master's in film direction from Tehran University's School of Dramatic Art. After having worked in journalism, he went into both production management and film production, producing a wealth of critically acclaimed, successful movies. 'I AM FOROUGH' is his first feature.
Director’s statement:
When I was fifteen, Forough died in an accident. My father was an adept of the 'Etelaat' newspaper, in which I caught the headline, 'Forough Farokhzad, famous poetess, has been murdered!' Her death made a huge impression on me, and from then on her life and work fascinated me.
She particularly influenced me especially while studying film-making at university. It was there that the idea of making a movie about her gestated in my mind.
Fifty-five years passed, during which time I learnt more about Forough and the worldwide struggle of women. This film is the result of my intellectual journey and is especially dedicated to the heart- broken women of Iran.