Thank You for Attending the 2019 Cyrus International  Film Festival Gala

I am pleased to extend greetings to everyone attending the 2019 Cyrus International Film Festival (CIFF) Gala. This wonderful event is a true community celebration of music and talent that brings people together to share their mutual appreciation for cinematography. This year, the festival is celebrating the lifetime achievements of acclaimed Iranian actor, Behrooz Vossoughi, and paying tribute to his endearing contributions to the Iranian film industry. Vaughan is home to artists of all backgrounds who draw inspiration from the multiculturalism and diversity that flourishes in our city. Enriching people’s lives with art and cultural expression through events like this is what fosters a welcoming, vibrant and inclusive society for all. A vital part of our vision is to pursue connections that serve to enhance Vaughan’s position on the world stage. We are proud to be home to a thriving and growing Iranian community and appreciate their many cultural, social and economic achievements in Vaughan and beyond. Please accept my best wishes for an enjoyable and successful event.

Yours sincerely

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