Greetings from Kathleen Wynee

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am delighted to extend warm greetings to everyone attending the 2017 CineIran Festival.
A people’s cinema is an integral part of their culture. Through its powerful images, film can illustrate unique stories and experiences. This festival is an opportunity to chronicle those stories and share the experiences with Toronto audiences.
It is great to see this grand celebration of contemporary Iranian cinema here in Toronto, Ontario’s capital and one of the world’s renowned international film hubs. Iranian Canadians and lovers of world cinema will find thought provoking stories across a wide range of genres.
I want to thank the staff and volunteers of CineIran for making this a memorable festival. Cultural events such as this embody the creative energy of the multicultural society we have built, together, here in Ontario. It also strengthens our province’s reputation as an international centre of film.
Best wishes for a successful festival!
Kathleen Wynne

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